Talk is cheap- whip it out and boot her up!

How many people carry around a Haiku USB stick so they can actually demo the OS to people?

A simple and effective way to get people involved

I have a Haiku laptop. Does that count? It makes the others somewhat relaxed, if i don’t try to insert some random USB drive into their computer and try to boot from it, which requires messing with BIOS/UEFI.

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Absolutely! Good work soldier! :wink:

I’ve got a Multi-Boot stick with various Linux distros on it (some 'buntus as well as admin/sys-fix/intrusion ones) including Haiku. Does this count? :smiley:

I have demo’ed Haiku on my laptop in a few unlikely places and times, and also handed out DVDs to several people.

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I have Haiku on a USB that I use among several home and work computers. I use it to show Haiku to people also. I also have Haiku installed on some computers bare metal and in VM’s.

You use a Lenovo X220 right? It has a known UEFI/legacy problem of booting flash drive OS’s - it won’t boot many of them. What have you done to fix / get around this problem?

I also use a X220 here and it happily boots Windows, FreeBSD and Haiku, all installed UEFI/GPT only, using rEFInd as boot loader from the installed SSD. Not a single issue here (at least regarding boot).
Also booting of a USB thumb drive is possible.

I don’t know what problem you are referring to. This machine ran Windows in the past, and also had a Linux install, both working without anything special. And it now runs Haiku just fine as well.

I had no problems booting from an USB disk, and no problems booting from the internal disk either.