Taking adventages from wayland?


Today Linux realize that there are many disadvantages at using the actual X.org video server.
What about taking of advantages of the future X.org (wayland) under Haiku ?

Haiku is lacking an X-Server link XMing (for Windows) or XQuartz (for Mac).

In the old BeOS days there was XBeosnative (see:http://bebits.com/app/3606 and http://haikuware.com/directory/view-details/multimedia/graphics/image-editors/gimp) but I don’t think it works anymore on later Haiku builds, though I haven’t tried in a while.

Could Wayland be ported to Haiku as X-server for Haiku (to run remote apps on the local Haiku display from a Linux server or local X-based apps (like Gimp))?

if we switch to wayland we will break Haiku graphic display server which is totally different than X server or wayland.

As with X, Wayland is a protocol and an API rather than being wedded to a single implementation (the reference implementation of X is most often named Xorg, the reference implementation of Wayland is Weston).

So it would be possible in principle for Haiku’s app server to implement the Wayland protocol, or the X protocol or indeed both, in addition to the API it provides now. But it seems unlikely that much effort will be put into this.

Plus there is a java X server that works I believe. Not sure if it works well or if there’s much been built to run on it though.

Every Haiku developer in his right mind would prefer to invest time and resources in improving App Server, that is native in Haiku. Frankly, any software ported over from Linux or BSD is really just a necessary evil at this point in time. I don’t see an army of new developers, excited to be making native versions of all those nice Qt and Java apps anytime soon.