T440p with FullHD display

Hi, I’m trying to install Haiku nightly hrev56087 on my T440p with i7 Haswell 4702 and FullHD display, but when I boot usb disk, screen is all “disturbed” like a TV channel and I can’t go on.
Thanks for the help

According to our hardware list, the device Levono T440 (don`t know the difference to T440p?) is supported. you have to enable vesa mode in the boot menu (space bar at boot) though. WLAN is not recognized.


I have no experience wth the T440p, but my T440s works without any boot settings. WLAN also works ok. There should be no big differences in the HW.

Maybe a recent regression in the GPU driver? Will update my install today and report back.

Perhaps try again later, last commit (hrev56088 ) is about intel graphics.

Please submit your problem at https://dev.haiku-os.org.

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Thanks @lelldorin , booting using VESA solves the problem. Thanks to all for the answers, very precious

I have updated my T440s yesterday, i experience no problem with the graphics driver.

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