T40, Atheros, and Ethernet -- Oh My!

I’m running the latest build (44195) on a ThinkPad T40 from a USB stick. Everything works well after I got the wireless going; it took a while to figure out, because it wouldn’t link until I opened up a guest network on my Netgear WNDR3700. It’s the IBM ‘upgrade’ with the Atheros 5212 chipset – WPA2 works fine – and I added a small script to the UserBootscript so I can login when Haiku boots up.

The issue I’m having is that I can’t boot with an ethernet cable plugged into the computer: it enters KDL every time. I can boot unplugged and start (and use) the ethernet after Haiku boots by just plugging the cable into the ethernet port and changing the adapter from the atheroswifi to the ipro1000, but if I restart or boot with the cable plugged in: boom!

Since both devices work individually, is there some incompatability between them or something else I’m missing? I’ve got the original Intel wireless card – does anyone know if this might make a difference, or is the “fight” between the type of connection rather than between the devices?

Also, is there a way to momentarily “disable” the Atheros adapter – say, from the terminal – and run everything through the wired connection, then re-enable it later without a reboot?

I believe that it’s just a bug in the net_server or in the driver itself.

Why do you want to disable Atheros adapter if it’s an Intel nic which causes you problems?
Anyway you can toggle it like this:

ifconfig /dev/net/atheros/0 down
ifconfig /dev/net/atheros/0 up

If you can take a photo of the kernel panic and create a ticket that will help in identifying and eventually fixing the problem.

Thanks, Diver, for the reply.

I’d like to be able to disable the Atheros because the Intel ethernet is not prone to sporadic connection problems – as is the wireless connection – and seems to not fill up the syslog (and system resources) with constant chatter like the wireless connection does. In short, I’d like to have it ready “just in case.”