System tray elements arrangement

Good day,

I was wondering if the items that appear on the system tray inside the deskbar can be arranged in any of the following ways:
1- Query for Deskbar in vertical mode, if yes, display systray element1 in a new line
2- Increase padding between tray elements, that is, set a margin to systray element1
3- Query for Deskbar in vertical mode, if yes, set systray element1 width to System Tray/Deskbar width

Thanks in advance for any insight on this topic.


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Replicants in the systray are appearing in the order their respective apps/applets are launched. I don’t think that there’s a way to order them after that.

I don’t think there is any technical reason preventing them from being reordered, that is just how it is implemented in Deskbar. Of course most other features like this in other operating systems tend to have an order which cannot be changed either (such as the Windows tray and the icons on the right side of the macOS menu bar.) I’m not sure about Linux and all the various desktop environments.

As for some of the original questions, I think the same thing applies, it is technically possible to arrange them differently depending on certain conditions, someone would just need to add the code. Though I am not sure what your goal is.

FYI The tray icons on windows can be arranged in any order, the clock and desktop buttons cannot however.