System Sounds Contest Wrap-up | Haiku Project

Contest for Haiku System Sounds is finally over; and ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Before going into details, lots of thanks to all participants and voters are in order. Thanks to you, Haiku now has a cohesive high-quality sound set, that will hopefully make using Haiku even more pleasant and accessible.

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Thanks to all the contestants who entered and congratulations to all the winners!

:skull: :skull: :skull: i didn’t know it was gonna be THAT much of a landslide

Thank you all who participated.

Tried to associate the sound theme sounds through “sound preferences” from deskbar. Initially just the “beep”. I got an error message saying: “this is not an audio file”. Of course is an audio file and the system plays it without problem. Any idea what I am missing?

Setting the MIME type? .ogg files are apparently tagged as video/ogg even if they contain only sound.

Thanks for the idea! It was something close. Even if the system was playing them “.wav” didn’t have an associated application in “File types”. After I did that and “identified” all wav files in folder I was able to add system sounds.

I just listened to the winning sounds.
I think they sound great. Very professional en crisp.
(BTW I didn’t listen to the others, sorry)

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After associating correctly system sounds and rebooting I can only hear the startup sound, nothing else. This is on recent 64bit nightly. Is this known, miss something or I need to create a ticket?

Update: don’t hear any Windows related sounds but I did hear keyboard switch sound right now. So some of them working and some not.

They are defined but unused. AFAIK, the currently used ones are startup, beep (on quite a few places on error conditions), the notification ones and I think some for new mails.

Thanks for clarifying. So, until now I have heard startup, keymap switch and error sounds.

preferences/sound only accepts audio/ mimetypes, and we can’t always correctly detect what is video and what is audio (for some containers that would require complex parsing, that we don’t do)

Congrats Garrett!!!

I am using the winning sound theme as I had downloaded. It looks like all have been identified as wav audio. So probably some are not utilized at all as stated above I suppose.