System Sounds Contest Voting Thread

Without further ado, here’s the poll link.

Poll will be open till December 7th, 2020, 00:00 (GMT-8). If you haven’t already, check out the contest entries, and vote!

Can’t the contest entries be put online somewhere so they can be played in a browser?

A poll about system sounds without link to the sounds to hear before? Only Insider poll?

Why not just use this forum voting system?


There is a link in the first post, where you can donwnload the different sound themes.

Yes, it would really be better if we just used this forum’s poll system. @bitigchi, can you do that instead?

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Forum voting system is more convenient, but apparently it does not support the poll style that was previously used for internal polls.

The forum voting system cannot be used to rank the top 5.

Not super convenient, but after all entries are downloaded and unpacked, you can do this, as I mentioned in a comment at the contest blog post:

Open the Terminal in a sound theme’s folder and enter this as one line to go through one by one on every key press:

for filename in ./*.wav ; do clear ; echo "$(basename "$(pwd)")" ; echo "$filename" ; echo ; media_client play "$filename" ; read -n 1 -s -r -p "Press any key for next sound..." ; done

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If I recall correctly, there is a feature in Google Forms that allows you to embed sounds, but it would probably be a hassle to embed each and every sound for every sound scheme.

Maybe @bitigchi could set up a Google Drive folder with all the unzipped sounds uploaded there, so people can conveniently listen to all the sound schemes.

For now, I added a link to a tar.gz with all entries to the contest blog page.

Humdinger thanks for your script, really useful. Was able to check all entries easily.

Hey guys, if it helps (I hope it might), I’ve hosted all the sounds on my nextcloud instance which allows in browser listening!
Full disclosure, if you can’t tell from my username - I created the Komorebi theme!


@bearly_matt Thanks so much!