"Switch to BeOS, because we only support Windows"

The best part is, they have Absolutely Nothing to do with BeOS at all… the whole BeOS thing is practically evangelism. They say they chose their name because they wanted to let people know how great BeOS is. But after all that, they’re completely unprepared for the case where a BeOS user might actually show up…

Umm… Maybe you should talk with the man behind BeOSRadio. Dane Scott, maker of TuneTracker (running still on BeOS), is one of the oldest BeOS users out there.

BeOSRadio doesn’t seem to work right now, at least clicking either Abacast or Shoutcast opens in Ubuntu’s media player but can’t find the stream. At least Shoutcast should also work in BeOS (at least it did about 5 years back with Soundplay…).

There are many other radio stations which have deserved a great attention. It is not necessary to exaggerate a problem which not so and is considerable.