Survey: Impact of Microsoft acquirement of GitHub

Dear Contributors,

I am Natnaree Asavaseri and currently undertaking a research internship at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. As a part of my research, I am analyzing the impact of Microsoft’s acquirement of GitHub.

I would like to conduct a survey to understand how developers perceive the Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub, especially from contributors to Linux distributions and BSD families. So please consider voicing your opinion by allowing us up to 5 minutes to complete our short survey.

We would like to remind you that participation in this survey is completely voluntary and your identity is hidden for anonymity. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

This looks like an unfortunate question:

Are you a fan of GitHub? *

  • Yes
  • No

Some people probably were fans before Microsoft’s acquisition, and now aren’t any longer - for any reason. So as long as the research is about the impact of the recent acquirement, that will make some people cringe and answer “No” right off the bat, even when they loved GitHub before.

(Optional: At the end, if you are interested in the results, please leave your email address)
I’m sure many would be interested in the results, just as I’m sure many will refrain from handing over their email addresses to someone they never heard of.

Dear contributors,

I am happy to announce that we are ready to release preliminary results of the “Developer Perception to Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub” survey. These results can be accessed at “”. Again thank you for your participation and please feel free to share or discuss these results.

NAIST, Japan