Surround sound support in Haiku

Are there any surround sound cards supported by haiku (or even BeOS)? I’m just playing back dvds, mainly.

I’m pretty sure I remember getting some old EMU10k sound blaster live! or sound blaster audigy cards working in BeOS. in fact, the driver for it is on my bebytes software repository.

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Thanks. It is true surround or upsampling stereo to surround?

the source material has to be surround, but iirc media kit and native drivers will output correctly to assigned channels.

SB Live series supported 5.1 speaker systems, Audigy series was supporting 7.1 speaker systems. If you have one those connected, it depends of the source, of software and libs installed. You will never have real surround sound with a mp3 encoded in stereo whatever your sound system, for example. In your case, if you configure correctly VLC (or SMplayer) to use libdca or a52dec, you should get what you’re looking for.