Super flaky USB on a macbookpro8,2

I’ve got a Macbook Pro 8,2 which I’ve tried Haiku on. It’s… super unhappy.

For every boot, one of four things happens:

  • it boots relatively normally.
  • it takes a really long time to boot (usually waiting for ~20s at the Card icon on the boot screen), and then continues. I get a semi-working system with some USB devices non-functional. The MBP has the keyboard and touchpad connected via USB internally, so occasionally this makes the machine simply noninteractive. Enabling debug tracing shows lots of errors during USB initialisation.
  • it crashes into KDL on boot. (With the keyboard unresponsive, sadly.)

I got a picture! The debugging log shows a bunch of ‘host failed to reset’ / ‘bus failed init check’ errors, plus the KDL stack trace.

These Macbooks are pretty cursed, but I don’t think this is a hardware fault — it runs OSX fine. A null point dereference caused by a USB object failing to deconstruct properly after getting confused by Apple’s weird hardware, perhaps?

This is not a one line trick to solve. If you didn’t already, please create a bug report on Trac. Perform a quick search first, and if you see that a ticket already exists, vote for it. Don’t be shy, a duplicate is better than no bug report.
As a post here, your report would be buried and forgotten in few weeks.

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This might be a device failing to initialize and tearing down before it fully initialized, at which point the device_node was never created and is thus NULL. @korli might be interested in this picture, otherwise please do open a ticket.

Ticket filed: #18314 (MacbookPro8,2 crashing in the USB stack on startup) – Haiku

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