SunVox audio tracker software

Has anyone seen this tracker audio software. @danboid perhaps I saw you in the forums there.
I’m not sure if it would be useful to Haiku. I can say that it is fun to experiment with!


Yeah that would’ve been me. It’d be cool to see it get ported to Haiku. I expect it’d be easy to port and would probably happen if there was enough demand but Haiku tracker users is such a small niche.

I couldn’t find any mention of source code other than it is ported to seemingly everything under the sun.

Yeah there is no publically available source but I think there is source code of an early version of its sound engine somewhere.

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I don’t see any open-source license in that source code. I don’t think it’s legal to distribute.

…unless you got permission from the author. He lists his gmail on the “about” page on warmplace if you want to contact him.

I saw a BSD license.

Ok. I looked again and it’s in

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It’s only the player code though. The editor is closed source.

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Ooh! YES PLEASE!! I ran this on Android, Linux and Windows for a long time and would love to see it ported.

The editor is not open-source, only the player code. At most we can expect a translator to load the music on MediaPlayer from the open source code using TranslatorKit. The Linux version needs SDL2 and a particular version of GLibC but it has to be the original author that decides whether and how to port the commercial editor code to Haiku.

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This would be great already though, as there’s a bunch of SunVox music floating around already.

I sent Alexander an email asking about the possibility of SunVox on Haiku and/or how Haiku could port this. Can’t hurt to ask, right?


That’s what I said :slight_smile:

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Here is my inquiry:

Hi Alexander! I’m writing to you on behalf of Haiku ( Do you know of this os? It is a continuation of the beloved BeOS. I recently discovered SunVox. It is a blast, simple to learn, but deep in its possibilities! Have you ever considered porting SunVox to Haiku (or BeOS in the past)? If not, how could the Haiku community make that happen? I don’t believe the source is available, correct? Please let me know if you are interested and how the Haiku community could be of assistance. Thank you for reading and for your amazing software.

Scott Puopolo

Here is the reply:

Hi Scott!
Sorry for the late reply… I will definitely try to port SunVox to Haiku one day :slight_smile: – Alexander Zolotov (NightRadio)