The autumn is here and gsoc projects should be pretty much rolled up I guess. Would anybody be interested to write a wrap-up of the gsoc & code driver projects? I think many of us would be keen to know what was accomplished on that front. Like, what’s going on with the DV stuff?



I, too, am very interested in a ‘status update’ for both the Google Summer of Code and the Haiku Code Drive (especially the second, since I donated some money to it!).

I’m concerned because, looking on the GSOC page, it looks like Google only lists three active projects for Haiku. I thought we were approved for five! What happened?

It doesn’t need to be detailed, but a nice little list of the projects for both GSOC and the Code Drive with a 2-3 sentence explanation of its status would be welcome!


I’ve asked on the ML. If they don’t reply here, I’ll quote what they have to say on the ML.

So, I am interesting on example what from CUPS also.

[quote=Axel]I’m currently preparing such a news article, and gathering data from
the mentors, should arrive in the next few days.[/quote]

This is good to hear.

Also none of the other GSOC projects have any news up too, there must be something to that.