Suggestions for Land of the Leaves?

I quit one major project… but regardless, I’m still searching for any way to help the community, and know I’ll need to go back and work on the Land of the Leaves website soon. I have been quietly adding stuff to the compatibility list, but will need to fix and organize that. As for models, personally, all I ever ran Be (R5 x86) on was an old HP notebook I had with VESA support. But as for hardware actually designed to run Be software, I do know of the BeBox, eVilla, and Compaq IA-1, as well as one I’m forgetting at the moment… and I’d like to render these to preserve them beyond the box (and poor photos circulating the Internet).

That said, I’d really like to clean up and update/finish the site and just wanted to ask the community: Are there any Be or BeIA models that I am missing? Is there any blog posts, articles, movies, books, etc. that I need to add to the site? The general idea is to eventually have an online museum of sorts. And I’m open to any suggestions for this effort, including a better name for it. :slight_smile: Thanks, all.

I use my personal Haiku blog mostly to advertise new additions to my repo, but there are some tips, opinion pieces and comments in there. Feel free to link or re-purpose anything you might regard as useful: