Suggestion: Modify Topic Title to reflect state

Some forums allow one to click an icon associated with a reply that indicates the reply solved the problem (or is the best solution…).

A lot of Community posts are problems that a person has run into using Haiku. Since there does not appear to be any indicator when the problem/issue is resolved, people searching the forums looking for a problem they have encountered (everyone searches before posting, don’t they?) cannot pick topics that might resolve their own issue.

One simple solution to this issue is for the original poster to modify the topic title to reflect its state. As an example, I have been using a keyword enclosed in brackets (preferably prefixed). A very short list of keywords could be added to a pinned topic. Here is one that could be used as a starting point.



Good idea, I think. Though I’m not sure we need any other keyword than “Solved”.
If the solution to a problem is a work-around, that’s still the problem “solved”. If a user finds another “solved” topic of the same issue, that’s not just a work-around, she’s free to follow that one.
Just saying, IMO it’s a minor distinction that’s not worth the complication of having to define what’s what. I expect it will be hard enough to get people to apply that “Solved” to the title…

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Agreed. “Solved” as the only keyword makes sense. I was probably thinking too much about the distinctions required in a Defect (“Bug”) Tracking system.

[Edit] I just went back and changed the topic I marked “[Answered]” to “[Solved]” :slight_smile:

I finally extended the Welcome to the Forum post that is pinned in the Help forum with:

  • If the issue described in your topic was solved/answered, please edit the title by clicking the pencil icon beside it and add a [Solved] in front of it.