[SUGGESTION] join the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS)

Just discovered, maybe interesting for Haiku too (at least to let Firefox run good on Haiku):



It encompasses a “give back” element for Open Source and Free Software projects that Mozilla relies on (the “Foundational Technology” track), a “give forward” element for supporting other projects whose goals are in alignment with ours (the “Mission Partners” track), and an element for improving the security of the open source ecosystem (the “Secure Open Source” track).

Which of these 3 tracks do you think Haiku could fit in?

We are keen to enable applications from groups not currently connected with Mozilla, and from communities outside the English-speaking free software world. Therefore, applications for Mission Partners do not require a Mozillian to support them, as applications for Foundational Technology do. Instead, they must be endorsed by a well-known and respected figure from a wider software community of which the project is a part, who is not directly connected with your project. This could be a language community, or a national community - it does not have to be the international open source community.

Who do you think could play this role for us?

MOSS is not a “let’s give free money to random obscure open source projects”.