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Hello all,

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From this discussion: where some users (me included) have been requesting compatible haiku-systems, I have come up with this idea:

From the front page of a link should be made called “Suggested systems” where various systems should be listed that will be 100% compatible with Haiku-os based on the latest official release of the system. There should only be a small fixed amount of systems listed. I suggest three Desktop system, three laptop systems and three Netbook system.

Whenever the page is updated with new systems, the old ones should be discarded so as to avoid a situation similar to HaikuWares hardware database which is full of old hardware that can no longer be bought. Also we want to keep this very simple. Thus, at any given time, there should only (ONLY) be three of each type of system listed.

For the Desktop systems I propose the following:

  • There should be a cheap one that's not very powerful, a medium priced one that's more powerful and a more expensive one which will be even more powerfull. However, the systems listed here should not be ready-made systems from say HP, Acer or others as these system tend to differ slightly from country to country and over time. Instead parts for each system should be listed (motherboard, graphics card, sound card etc.). People can then buy those parts and assemble a computer from them knowing that they will get a compatible system.
  • These systems are 100% compatible with the latest official release of Haiku-os except that it is fine if, say, the onboard graphics card isn't compatible, but then a graphics card is added to the system which is compatible, so that the end result is a desktop system that is 100% compatible. It should then be noted on the list, that the onboard graphics card is not compatible.
  • All desktop systems should include both a LAN card and a Wifi card/
  • They should contain a DVD-burner

For the Laptops and Netbooks I propose the following:

  • There should be one for 13.3", 15" and 17" screen sizes
  • These systems cannot be assembled from parts, so they are from existing laptop manufacturers
  • For these systems, the graphics card, sound card, NIC/WIFI cards, DVD-burner etc. are compatible. Exceptions are: The webcam might not be compatible (I don't know if any webcams are compatible with Haiku-os). It might contain a USB 3.0 port that is not compatible with Haiku-os, but it should of course also contain USB 2.0 ports. Any Thunderbolt ports will not be compatible at the movement. These things will be noted on the list.

Whenever a new official release of Haiku-os is made, the list should be updated as needed.

This is just a preliminary suggestion that, if people agree, we could how to implement.

Edit 15. november 2011:
Please note that I posted this several days ago, but it didn’t show up on the forum. I then posted it again and it still didn’t show up on on the forum. I then posted it as a reply to this thread

Please disregard the reply a made to the thread mentioned above and also disregard any similar posts that might show up eventually.

Let’s keep this discussion in this thread.


Overall, an excellent idea. Just a few points:

  1. 100% compatible means just that: 100% compatible. I am willing to compromise on the webcam, but the graphics card is not something you can expect a normal user to change.

  2. Your suggested screensizes are OK for laptops. netbooks are smaller.

  3. The interval between refreshes is too long. By the time the next official version comes out, the exact models listed will long have disappeared from circulation. So the prospective Haiku user walks into the shop and asks for the Hewlett-Samsung XYZ310 he saw on the website only to be told “we don’t stock that anymore, it’s been replaced by the XYZ315c”. Which has a different graphics card, a different WiFI chipset etc etc. The churn in the computer industry is simply unbelievable.

Don’t underestimate the amount of work it will be to keep such a list up-to-date. Some sort of wiki might help the webmaster, but only if everyone participates.


I think we should wait until Beta release that way there won’t be that much change between Beta1 and future beta releases. As of right now, Haiku does not support my native resolution so I have to enable “safe video mode” in bootman. Before I did not have to do this (before September) Otherwise I can’t see the desktop.

Otherwise, I think it is a great idea. If there was a site I could go that listed “Modern” hardware compatible with the latest official release it would be great! I still think Haiku needs a dedicated “Haiku Box”.

[quote=ddavid123]I think we should wait until Beta release that way there won’t be that much change between Beta1 and future beta releases. As of right now, Haiku does not support my native resolution so I have to enable “safe video mode” in bootman. Before I did not have to do this (before September) Otherwise I can’t see the desktop.

These systems should be compatible with the latest official release, not the nightly builds. I think that the time between alpha releases is big enough to justify the list.

Also, the next release will be a beta release so the list could be made in connection with this release (depending on how long it is estimated it will take to make the first beta).

The latest official release was Alpha 3. That was almost six months ago! I would welcome and buy a “Haiku Box” with Alpha 3 installed as long as I could easily upgrade to the next stable release(Beta anyone). I think the “powers that be” should consider making a deal with someone like Zotac! Or suggest new systems that have been tested and are 100% compatible with the current stable release!

I may be wrong, but if we want Haiku to succeed, it needs fully compatible hardware on which to run. Offering Haiku to people to install on their computer which may not be compatible will do little to influence their opinions of Haiku in a positive or constructive way! Offering pre-installed compatible systems on the main website should help prevent most of the errant first opinions of Haiku.

A disclaimer which states that Haiku is not guaranteed to fully operate on anything but pre-built compatible machines would also lessen any misunderstandings! Once Haiku is at r2 or r3, this may be less needed as she gets more drivers for more hardware. There is nothing stopping Haiku from becoming the next “Linux” in the sense she can be the Desktop OS of choice as Linux is the server OS of choice.

Her future is in our hands! We can either complain to no end, or we can do something about it by shaping and molding her into the simple, functional and elegant OS as we already see her to be. Haiku is a diamond in the rough. We may see her beauty and her sparkle, but she needs to be worked with and have the rough edges chipped away to reveal the perfect gem that she is to the world!

I know I am speaking metaphorically, but that is how I see Haiku; a diamond in the rough! The perfect gem is already there. The priceless sculpture is already there! All we need to do is chip away the excess to reveal the work. Technically speaking, we need to finish all the decided features for R1 and do extensive bug and stability testing! You have to admit, the metaphors sound better!

Having a 100% system(s) that Haiku officially supports is what has been needed for some time now. Less time writing drivers and more time for needed programs. Come on Beta . . . . I am tired of the hit and miss, it works here kinda, and there sorta situation.