Stupid question but how do I play doom mods on the GZDoom port

I keep trying to launch the binary with flags but if I do it via the game launcher it just brings me to the launcher and if I try it directly with the gzdoom binary it does absolutely nothing, talking about .pk3 files and doom.wad

What you need is an IWAD, which contains the base game.
Depending on the mod, you should use DOOM 1 or DOOM 2 (If you don’t have them, try using FreeDOOM Phase 1 or 2) and then point the launcher to the location of the .wad files.


Works when I launch doom.wad but when I directed it to a pk3 aswell it wouldn’t work. Turns out something was wrong with the pk3 but thank you!

I put mines in /home/config/non-packaged/data/Wads/.
Something to check if you didn’t play for a while is that sometimes changes between gzdoom versions require config files to be rebuild otherwise it doesn’t start.
It would be nice if someone could patch the game launcher to use a native GUI. it would allow to have it in the menu instead of the installer.

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As it has always been with source ports:

<doom binary> -iwad <path to main wad> -file <path to add-on wad> [<path to additional add-on wad> ...]

  • “-iwad” was not in the original version of DOOM