StreamRadio seems broken in beta4

Trying to create a ticket but not sure if I should do it on Trac. Can someone please guide me?


For third-party applications, if the issue is with the port or its packaging, the place to file issues would be HaikuPorts (and not over Trac, that’s for issues with the OS itself, including its bundled apps).

For actual bugs in the applications (not due to ports/packaging), a better place would be on each apps own repository.

The issue with StreamRadio is already known, so no need to report that one. We just need someone with the required skills (and time) to fix it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

You could also report this at the repo (isn’t mentioned there): Issues · HaikuArchives/StreamRadio · GitHub


Thanks @Begasus, bookmarked it to be able to find it :slight_smile:


Issue resolved. PR submitted.


Very glad to here! Thank you !!

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Thanks, @madmax all the several fixes!


I have just installed the latest version of StreamRadio. Unfortunately, when I tried to add BBC Radios 3 & 4 it found them, but stated that they could not be added because they did not “respond correctly”.
Both run fine in QmPlay2.

Bugtracker, right this way, good sir… :slight_smile:

Thank you. Done.

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