StreamRadio search option gone

It seams that search station no longer works for this app. How can this be updated?

Error returned:


If you still use the api at you should switch as soon as possible to the new one at The old one is not supported anymore and will not receive any more updates on the software side. The new one is in place and stronger than ever (multiple servers). The api endpoints at will be taken down at August 1. of 2020.

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If you like to hear Internet Radio, you can also try Qmplay2 which has a search option for Radio Stations.
And it has a search option for YouTube Videos too.

An update should be coming out soon @viking! I’ve been able to fix the searching functionality (at least for the Community Radio Browser). Once I get my fixes uploaded, you will find the searching experience a lot more flexible. :slight_smile: (As in, you’ll have more search options!)


Yes. I have tried it and it is also god. For radio. Unfortunatly video and TV is not an option on my EeeBook EB1501P. It lags too much and sound and video are way out of sync. That goes for Web+ too,browsing on heavy webpages is a pain and it often freeze totaly and has to be killed by Slayer. Bad because I realy like Haiku. For video content I still need Windows10 and Epic browser with built in VPN. Maybe in the future I will invest in a Barebone PC dedicated for Haiku but for now hardware seems a bit confusing.

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Yes that is sadly true I admit, but on the other hand without hardware acceleration it is a very good result to get something out of an slow EeeBook. I use a small e-book as well and have same results. But anyway it works quite fast…

But as I said Radio is working nicely! That was what you first asked about!

Still it was sold as a multimedia centre in the days with win7 and nVida graphic card and usb3. Time goes.
But it is cool to play mp3,ape and flac files from ntfs partition in Haiku with qmmp and an old Winamp skin called BeAmp. Reminds me of win95,98,XP times (and BeOS).

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There are some problems there… but they are worked on, that was I want to tell you.
The system is very stable now. So now it is time to move on, and the Haiku team is
What do you want more? Things will work!
So long use alternative programs available on Haiku.

Lets see what an update of Web+ will give then. I run Windows7 and Linux Pop_OS 20.03 without problem on this computer. In Haiku I can log in to my bank account but all pages show Error - come back later.

I also have a Eee PC 1001PX upgraded to Windows10, a bit slow i Firefox video but works fine for bank service. Running Youtube in Firefox with Linux Mint on this PC works perfect. The hardware is not the problem.