StreamRadio - receiver outfit and desktop replicant

Ahoy apps programmers !

I want to ask about StreamRadio program or applet - that cute radio station program. Basically I am satisfied with the program, I just have 2 question.

First I hope it is appropriate to opened this post under Software / Native - I did as in Depot I’ve seen the Github place is under HaikuArchive - so must be native app. I had not been a user of BeOS or Zeta in the past or alternatively nowadays until now, so I do not know from where originated. Yepp, possibly I could have read on mentioned Github page.
Aisumasen - I skipped before I opened this post creation dialog …
I always wanted to ask how can I add HaikuArchive repo, but it seems it is covered already one of them I have.

SO the questions :

Q#1 : Would some draw a receiver like “outfit” for Stream
Radio ?

I mean like first audio progs on Win 3.1 had a HiFi tower UI,
or for Winamp there were skins to select.

It should not be anything special - a nice receiver - even without sound parametric leds - just some lightning station seeker, a radio station is on lamp/led, quality signage, on/off button.

All the menus and working should be the same - just when it is on the desktop that would be some nice object - instead of the now simple, plain, pragmatical window. It should be sit on th desktop that way.
I do not request systray option, as that option still at every (only ported?) programs vomit fully the systray with question marks endlessly. Native ones for Desktop applets are great, but others this way very ugly.

Q#2 : Could someone transfer its essence into a replicant – as in case that works at Weather application ?

Honestly on Haiku I had to find a replacement for VLC features.

Play youtube videos : QMPLay2
For VLC it does not work anymore, on any platform even with fresh install.
The YT changes must be followed with Youtube.luac script,
and on Haiku it is not possible as ported that way the directory of all .lua files (lua directory) is not under user’s ~config/settings/vlc directory – to be able to modify it.

Listen streamed radio stations : I started to use Clementine. It is OK , but it is a bit much for listening radios - a way too more features it has.

This way I was happy when find StreamRadio. It is fine, but would be nice to see a beaty receiver like widget, or a similar replicant moreover.

I ask it kindly - has someone the challange been seducing to do it ? ;-))

That’s all folks ! 8D

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Issues regarding StreamRadio should be addressed at HaikuArchives (the one for a replicant is already mentioned there).

TL;DR, as usual. But in general, it can make sense to talk about feature requests etc. here instead of the app’s issue tracker. Esp. if the app in question isn’t actively developed. May garner some interest when it wouldn’t be seen by anyone otherwise.


Dear @Begasus ,

You mention - HaikuArchives - as the most appropriate for issues,.

I agree - but immediately me myself ( and maybe for others as I saw ) have problem with it.
I wrote, I agree, it was the right decision to collect and store BeOS/Zeta/Haiku related softwares to not fade away and anyone who wants to be involved into development … find these softwares. So I agree on it Github may best for developers.
Me myself will avoid using Github - not because Microsoft (as some other member here) , but as the webplace layout where I should do the things … it is swacky. Sorry, but for me it is not intuitive at all, very alienated for me.
I’m just a simple guy in some cases - for example when I want a file from a place where it is distributed.
I mentioned above youtube.lua file … that was taken from github as its developer share it there.
As I had not found a download button, I had to start to select the text of the file and then scroll down till the end to have all the text and after copy, and paste into an editor. It takes long time. It’s very cool I can follow its versioning and everything , but why is not a button [download] ???
Later I found how can I get the file, but it was not obvious. . I had to investigate Github page what happens, if I click on this and this, and where it is and that one… so boring.
So sorry, I would not request an another account to start wrestling with github to report an issue or mention some improvements.
The other thing is that bothers me :
HaikuArchive repo is another kind of repo - it is like some on Linux : when there is an app alone in one repository and added its repo to the list of repos if I understand well, so not centralized like Haiku or Haikuports repo. I do not even understand how these can be installed on Haiku as I had not added these unique repos to my repo list. They must be integrated into Haiku or Haikuports repo in my list - I am not certain at all.
This way I wrote above I always wanted to ask how can I add HaikuArchive repo to my list of repos.
Anyway … back on track …

You may find helpful as in that case the issues separated, but in case end users … it’s a nightmare.
It means I have to investigate/find/or scroll until to find the appropriate github place and then find where to you can report the issue, and after if that option present, then you can do it.
What if it was not selected when the unique page opened by developer ?.. Don’t forget : I am not a developer, so I do not know what is opened by default when a github place created by a developer I am not one of them … I’ve just red somewhere : he/she just not made the option of that and that available on github page … What if this is the feedback option … Issues or what it is ?
So no thank you … I can accept a traditional ticketing system … if not present I try to find/use other channels or wait till I can get the new version that may fix my issue…

Besides it was not about issues primarily, I shared issues with VLC only to show what led me to use StreamRadio or QMPlay2. Without those issues I use VLC on Haiku as I did on Windows or Linux.
As it was not applicable due to specific read-only attribute of installed files or swacky stuff I must find alternatives - I accepted that.

In case StreamRadio I just ask - kindly - is there anyone to develop an alternate skin and or a replicant capability, as it is so simple function as this program could work as a widget and/or a replicant.
I can use StreamRadio as it is now, works well, but someone who wants to be familiar with development on Haiku or just has no target for them, or also would use this and say … ok , why not ? I take a look at …
So this way I asked on forum … as I wrote in my starting post I had not checked the github place who was made available StreamRadio for Haiku. You may say why not turned to him/her/them to reply to me - my reasons are written right above :))

Peace (as says MKBHD) 8-D

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No problem, it was merely a pointer where issues are collected, every one is free to talk about it here also. :slight_smile:

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Haha … I still had not discovered the {App} menu of StreamRadio as usually the {About} item used to be on last menu item not on the first one …
This way it is not required to visit github page to search for maintainers … and also ˙Help} is online and also opens on Github :smiley:

Maybe I became a dinosaur … lately … :nerd_face: