Strange crash in DriveSetup

Hello again, here I come with a strange problem.

  • Xeon E5440, 8gigs RAM, G41 chipset (oldie but goldie), GT1030 vidcard
  • 120Gb SSD on SATA1 → GPT, dedicated W10 - default boot drive
  • 500Gb HDD on SATA2 → MBR, part1 480Gb NTFS, 20Gb free at the end.

I want to install Haiku on those 20Gb, and use BIOS boot screen (in this case F8) to select boot drive. For this i’m using the 64bit variant flashed with Etcher on a standard USB stick.

Problem is: starting DriveSetup either from the installer or live environment insta-crashes the system, landing at KDL. Same behaviour in Beta3 and various random nigthlies as far back as hrev55100 (ran out of patience there heh). Tried also removing the SSD leaving only the HDD with no luck.


The same USB stick works fine on other machines, and this one works flawlessly with Linux and Windows even with heavy loads so I know there’s no H/W problem. And the only thing in that drive is a standard NTFS partition for games/data, no strange witchcraft at all.

I’m quite stumped here… What gives? :astonished:

The crash happens in this driver /system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/disk/scsi. As a workaround you can blocklist it in the bootloader. Please open a ticket for this problem at

Blacklisting scsi_disk allows DriveSetup to open, but naturally no drive is present (other than the USB stick). Will open a ticket, thank you.