Strange behavior with cppcheck

I can lint my C++ code with the cppcheck provided in other operating systems, however, when I attempt this with Haiku nightly’s cppcheck, I get strange behavior:

If I supply a directory path for cppcheck to scan for C++ source files, then cppcheck stalls indefinitely with no output. E.g., cppcheck -v lib. Worse, cppcheck does not respond to interrupts like Ctrl+C to kill the process, so I have to launch a new SSH session and sever the old one.

If I supply a path to a specific C++ source file to check, then cppcheck complains cppcheck: Failed to load library configuration file 'std.cfg'. File not found. This happens even when I specify an overriding configuration file, e.g. cppcheck -v --suppressions-list=suppressions.cfg lib/palindrome.h

For now, I am working around this by running cppcheck from other operating systems, using virtual machines.

You could try to submit your findings in an issue at Haikuports. Cppcheck was updated last by extrowerk.