Still the Kernel programing kit? (From the Programing the Be operating system)

Hello, i have a doubt if i want to interact with the kernel directly, there still the Kernel kit as in Be?.. Sorry if the wrong place, i dont know how to mail this to developers (very newbie)

Yes, the Kernel Kit is still available. Most of the APIs are still the same, too, with the exception of filesystem addons and probably one or two other things.

thanks, well i read the book, but in int barely appears. Now, im seeing the sources, but there is not “kernel” in the kit folder??.. Im searching in the right place?
Thanks again.

Hi axizhe!
The kernel source is AFAIK under src/system/kernel and /headers/os/kernel and /headers/private/kernel. I take it, you already know of the BeBook. There appears to be some documentation under docs/develop/kernel as well.