Starting on a tablet-centric Linux distro

So… as a second part to my last post, I think it might work to maybe make a demo of something or like a toy shell (no code behind it) that I could do for fun that people could open in Web+ or something so there’d be a way to kinda show what a few of my ideas would be like on Haiku — but far as serious stuff (like with working code to it) I still really would want to write on a Linux-based system, but that might be an extra idea

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I fail to see what part of my message you are disagreeing with?

In the end we do what we like to do the most. Will anyhow be interesting to se the result what ever you decide :slight_smile:

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Only that it is a (very basic) desktop experience not a “phone interface”. Also that it uses floating Windows, so apps are not full screen. For me a phone interface is full screen. Even modern Android tablets do the same. I’m sitting here looking at a Pixel 3a and a Samsung A series tablet - it’s not like I don’t use Android every day (I develop apps for it in my day job.) I also have a drawer full of various other vintages of Android devices, and that image above was a Samsung S21 I believe. The closest I have to the same is a RasPi running some type of Android image (I forget which specific distro) - but DeX is noticeably more complete than that.

Anyway - off topic.

Did BeIA tablets have multitouch and gesture API?

While Haiku on a tablet is a nice idea, to me it sounds a bit premature. Let’s have R1 first, then alternatives can be explored. We would also need lots of enhancements and fixes to power handling. A battery powered device needs much delicate power consumption than a stationary desktop.

No, they were all resistive touch with stylus (bear in mind I only really saw the Dt300.) I think most things were before the smart phone made capacitive popular.