Staccato audio

HP Omnibook 500. A fairly low-spec. laptop with a Pentium III and 256 MiB RAM.

Audio ‘pulses’ at the rate of about 3 Hz. Surely even this low-spec. machine ought to be able to handle a simple .wav file ?

It may be a driver or interrupt problem.
Though one thing to try is locate the text file “kernel” (Query: Alt+F) and uncomment the line

# serial_debug_output false
	# disables serial debug output, default is enabled

Then reboot.
The serial debug output is known to cause some timing trouble in some configurations.


Hmm, tried that thanks, no change. I disabled smp as well as the machine is definitely uniprocessor.

The MediaPlayer is a bit wonky as well but this is alpha of course.

it seems several people have problem with the audio quality: