Stable nightly?

hi everyone
i just wanted to ask wich nightly is considered stable as i’m still using the Apha2 and want to upgrade?

AFAIK nightlies are not stable. They are the result of ongoing development so, they change from day to day. Most of the time they’re OK but, occasionally they break something. Often, if you want to take advantage of changes between alphas they’re your only choice. For example, if you’re using an Intel D945GCLF/D945GCLF2 motherboard, there’s a fix for the intel extreme driver that solves the problem of a blank screen once you’ve booted up so, you need r36941 or newer to get that.

Note that haiku now comes with the installoptionalpackage script that you can use to install software that’s not included in the alpha/nightly. See:

I’d suggest trying recent nightly builds until you find one that suits you. After all, that’s what alpha testing is about!

Is there a way to update to a nightly build without completely reinstalling? The laptop I’m using doesn’t do usb boot and I’d rather not burn a CD every time. Plus I don’t want to lose my settings.

thanks for replying 6foot3
but actualy what i meant by “stable” is a nightly that is not unusable,haiku is not new to me.
well the latest nightly is somewhat usable,i’ll keep trying until i get a “stable” one.
thanks again for replying 6foot3.
ps:the installoptionalpackage script seems not to be workin with the alfa2 anymore,you need a newer rev.

You could always make a small partition (A couple of hundred MB’s), install your current version on that, and then boot this small installation up, mount a nightly, and install the nightly to your main Haiku partition. Works alright for me. :wink: The installer only deletes the /boot/system folder, so your settings should be intact.

BTW: DO NOT try to install the nightly to the same partition that the installation you are currently running is installed on! Haiku will crash when trying to overwrite services that are running.

I have been using r36822 on my eeepc for some time now with no problems.