SSB manager

Its posible to create app SSB manager for Haiku?

Functionality was that with this app create app launcher on desktop and when click to it open new webpositive session with this www page.

something like SSB manager by Peppermint linux.

ou, i see that there is special folder for webpositive

~/config/settings/WebPositive/Bookmarks - and as separate files

i look to handbook

Something like this is possible how long the program can be startet like #program-name# #file.sufix#

Browsers can do this “webpositive filename.html”

Hello! Not sure if I understand what you need, but WebPositive saves the bookmarks as individual files, in the path that you show in your post.

By doing double-click on it, must open WebPositive and loading that page.

You meant “must open the associated webbrowser and loading that page.”

hey am back,

in peppermint linux etc, ther is app with name Ice and you can fill a formular with variables like web link, app name and so and this create a .desktop shortcut in menu. thats all. like bookmark item in menu.

i try to move in haiku bookmark file to desktop and it works after click to this file opened a webpositive its great i go test if is posible make symlink with bookmarks in menu but now i go reinstall haiku i nvirtualbox.

this bookmarks shortcuts are good for web apps like this