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As in my spare time I’m used to translate text and software to my native language, I find very helpful the use of spellcheckers like aspell, myspell etc. but the state of things in Haiku prevents me to use it as my favourite platform. Even if aspell is present in the package manager, it’s not used in any software, nor in the browsers or in office suites. I created a package to install an aspell dictionary (it’s a little bit outdated and this is why it cannot stay in haikuports) but it’s useless, even if the dict is recognized by aspell itself and works in the command line, because no software uses it. Libreoffice or calligra suite prevent the use of the spell checker, so I’m stuck to linux or whatever. Is there any plan to integrate a system-wide spellchecking system? an implementation on the API?
Thank you for your time

Recently I added the myspell dictionaries (used by some apps like GhostWriter …)
For LibreOffice there are extentions like this one: https://extensions.libreoffice.org/extensions/english-dictionaries (haven’t checked if they work on Haiku)
Screenshot below shows the English dictionary in GhostWriter :slight_smile:
After a quick check it seems you can install the extentions in LibreOffice:


Nice! thank you so much for your work.
For my language, I’ve found an old extensions for OpenOffice.org, that seems to work even in libreoffice (and so even in libreoffice under Haiku). I will (my hope) soon start translating LibreOffice and with some help from the right people I’ll update the dictionaries (aspell and hunspell maybe). But I miss the integration with browser, with styleedit or Telegram or whatever program needs your phrases to be checked…

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I’m not working on LibreOffice myself, so the integration with the browser I didn’t check :slight_smile:

I saw the recipe for haikuports about myspell-hunspell, as friulian is on hunspell dicts, is it possibile to modify the recipe correctly to add it?
second question, friulian is implemented on haiku as fur iso code but hunspell stores the dicts as fur_IT. Is this a problem?

Spellchecker works in Telegram through the use of aspell. However, Haiku itself doesn’t have spell checker API (I’m surprised there is no ticket for that feature yet). According to @3dEyes it would be fairly easy to add aspell to BTextVew.

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There is this: https://github.com/ErisBlastar/wordservices
But I don’t know if it is complete or in usable shape.

I’ve installed italian myspell dictionary and created a package for friulian with hpkg creator, Telegram supports only Italian, but no italian spell checker nor friulian are used within Telegram under Haiku (don’t know if it’s because the system is set as friulian). Does the spell checker work for your languages under Telegram?

Added fur_it to the myspell dictionaries, seems to be ok but outdated from the link I have atm …

Thank you so much, yes atm it’s the only dictionary available, I’m working to contact some people to update those dictionaries. But it’s a good start :slight_smile: Thank you

I recall seeing some sample code, maybe in a Be newsletter article, using context menu and scripting API, but nothing usable.

Btw, I published the source code for Lingua on HaikuArchive some months ago.

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Would be nice if that could take use of the myspell dictionaries @mmu_man :slight_smile:

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Turns out spell checker doesn’t work in Telegram anymore. It used to work in the past and was based on https://github.com/zaps166/tdesktop-hunspell.

There is a Telegram fork with presumably working spell checker.

@3dEyes just pushed a commit that made spell checker work again in Telegram and all other Qt based apps. Yay! :slight_smile:

Note: for this to work one needs to install aspell dictionary from HaikuDepot.






Great work! Thank you so much!

Great work! :sunny: