Speedy application loads

This seems like the right place to drop a comment about how much I appreciate the snappy performance of the Haiku GUI. I’ve been checking in on this project every few years and recently started playing with it again by installing it on bare metal – a partition on my desktop computer.

I noticed right away how it didn’t seem to matter which application I launched or how many: the moment I clicked the icon there was a window on the screen. Yes, things like HaikuDepot took time to load their data but this is totally unlike so many other applications on other platforms, where I sit around and wait, wondering if my click did anything.

And then the Vulcan Death Grip when a program hangs? It vanishes immediately just like I asked. Perfection.

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Welcome rabidquill!

Yep, the snappiness is one of Haiku’s greatest features.

Of course it also depends on the size of the app you’re launching. If you stick to native apps, you have the advantage that it uses (mostly) OS libraries that are shared with pretty much every running application and therefore sits readily in memory. While starting some massive ported application normally has to load all those equally ported libraries - KDE or Qt - which slows things down.
At least I think I got this right… :slight_smile:

In any case, let’s enjoy our high velocity OS. :partying_face:

Here my KDE/Qt apps are still quite snappy on Haiku. :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

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