Specialized case for Haiku OS (like system76 for ubuntu)


I think that would be an awesome idea is somebody would’ve make a special case for Haiku OS. If Haiku OS stands as if in opposition to Apple, that would be a step that would accentuate the seriousness of this declaration.

What do u think?

Maybe get a Sager/Clevo laptop with the no branding option and get the case laser-etched?

First, it’s “Haiku” not “Haiku OS”. Unless you sell it amongst Ubuntu OS and Windows OS cases, of course :wink:

I probably wouldn’t buy one as I’m happy with my current system and usually buy used machines anyways.

I do not understand what exactly that means?

What is this discussion about?

Is this about a special hardware compilation or the use of haiku in a specific application?

I think both have been discussed here in detail

This is (once again) about someone wanting to buy (or sell?) a machine with Haiku preinstalled.

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It’s about the swag of having such a thing, maybe optimized. How much optimization opportunities there is? Would it make sense?

There is not much to optimize, but ensuring a particular configuration is tested with Haiku and has no obvious problems (sound ok, no black screen on boot, network ok, etc) would be a good start. And it may save time for people trying to find a supported machine.

Knowing you can get just as much performance from Haiku with your Nvidia GTX1080 as with your Windows or whatever would be really nice. Perhaps as mining machine?

None of our video drivers even manages to do 3D acceleration, let alone mining. For the next few years you can forget about Haiku for these usages.

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