Source Activity not updated

Hello! The “Source Activity” section from the front page apparently doesn’t have updates since a few dates.
(Of course, in the cgit page there are new commits)

Maybe something is broken?

Thank you!

Oliver made a Drupal update at 3. July. Maybe something went wrong during the update process…

The mailing list and ticket updates are similarly affected.

There is a workaround until this is fixed. Everything should be fine now.

Apparently, now it is working again.

Thank you !!!

Obviously not fixed, it’s not working again.

Don’t know if it is related, but pkgman/Haikudepot is not finding any *_source packages. They are there in the listing, but I get an error when trying to download.

Not related (why would it be?), there is an open ticket about it, it’s a limitation of libsolv, which we use for dependency resolution and doesn’t expect source packages to be installable.