Sounds cards (PCIe or USB) with audio IN on Haiku?

I’m about to replace my old X-Fi card because I can only utilize it fully on Windows XP. It not only allows me to record audio, but I can also hook up for instance my video game consoles (through RCA or Toslink) and use my PC as an audio receiver, as well as interface with MIDI.

Now I want to do these things in more modern operating systems, including Haiku. I’ve seen a few devices from Roland’s Edirol lineup which might do the job, in particular UA-5 and UA-3FX. They have a USB HID compliant mode and are compatible with Linux as far as I can tell. But I have no idea if they would work in Haiku. Does anyone have information about these devices or any other devices that I could use for my purposes in Haiku?

While we have a driver for usb audio, our usb stacks are currently incomplete so it will only work if you plug it to an ohci port (only found on pci usb cards using chipsets from Via).

If there’s a compatible PCIe sound card that can do the job, that would be fine as well.

I think you mean AMD not VIA? because VIA just like INTEL they both use uhci.

Right, actually ohci was on Nec chipsets, not Via. I don’t know what AMD did back then.

We have support for Echo PCI sound cards. I think they are to be found on eBay. There is an ice1712 driver too, had worked with some M-Audio Audiophile. Also the old Audigy should be supported. I would suggest a PCIe to PCI bridge card (15€ on eBay), it might require space above the adapter in the case.
Otherwise Opensound could be an option (version 4.2 in the repository for x86_gcc2), the hardware supported is pretty old, not sure you find something with PCIe:

the lack of USB audio is due to incomplete isochronous support on uhci and xhci USB controlers, right?

Thank you for the suggestions. I searched for the products you listed and I’ve concluded that what I would get for the price isn’t worth it. I tested Open Sound with my current card but it didn’t seem very integrated in the system and had no useful controls for the various inputs/outputs, so my expectations are low. Hopefully when the USB stack is improved I’ll be able to use a USB sound card in Haiku, but for now I’ll just focus on Windows and Linux compatibility.