Sound via HDMI

Does Haiku (current nightly) support sound via HDMI? I have a linux box and get my sound out the nice sound system built into my HP Display. Will Haiku send sound via the same HDMI and it work?

Or do I need to run a single headphone jack over to some speakers?



yeh, I am getting zilch for sound via HDMI.

So I tried using the motherboard headphone jack to speakers. Zilch.

I have never once trying probably up to 5 to 10 different systems ever had sound work on any of them… well maybe once after tinkering for what seemed like hours.

So unless this new package manager and use of HaikuDepot did not uninstall some older sound files and slap in OpenSound so it would replace it, I am insure what else to try.


Audio over HDMI at least with HD Audio is not supported at the moment.

Sound works with hdmi


Good day,

Actually, I can’t get audio out of HDMI nor DP. In my case, I presume because both boxes are AMD based, both with Radeon graphic cards that should use the RadeonHD driver, but can’t use it for now, so I am stuck on default VESA on both boxes. Therefore, I presume VESA driver does not carry audio along.


No driver carries audio trough HDMI or DP/mDP, it is just so easy.

buy another cable…

Or you can tell what kind of hw you using where hdmi audio works.