Sound problem under virtualbox and fonts problem

Hi All!

I am writing this through Haiku under Virtualbox under WinXP host (though Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 also works well).

However, under both hosts, I can’t get the sound to work properly. I am using Intel sound chip emulation under Virtualbox and using directsound output and alsa output for windows and linux hosts respectively. Whenever I try to play any MP3 file through any software (Mediaplayer, CL-Amp, VLC), the sound is choppy, jittery and practically intolerable.

Is anyone of you facing the same problem? I believe this is Virtualbox problem but still wanted to confirm. Any solution for the same?

Further, I copied my windows fonts to /etc/fonts/ttfonts directory and rebooted haiku. However, now Firefox wouldn’t display any text so I had to delete them. Is this the problem with Haiku or Firefox?

BTW, rest everything works well. I made another 2 gb vdi image and installed haiku from prebuilt VMware image to this image and managed to boot Haiku from it properly. It is snappier, though Firefox is little slow sometimes.

Sound in haiku is still being working on heavily. 4 moths ago, the sound in haiku under Virtualbox was more than intolerable.

Try the oss diver for haiku, you have to delete your Intel sound driver first.