Some suggestions

I’d like to suggest some features that I’d like in Haiku, maybe them are silly or stupid…

  • In tracker preferences “Auto resize to fit” would be a great option that will increase folder navigation experience.

  • Rename files whith large name it’s a little tedious and sometimes frustrating. Could it be multiline?

  • I didn’t find a “Task manager” or a Crontab like file, how could I submit a job every night (for example) is there anyway to do it?


Please no more feature request. There is already so much to do.

And still more to do. They are pretty valid requests in my opinion.

I think I remember someone hoping to implement the last one during the GSOC in 2009, but they where not chosen.

Ok, only was a suggestion, I didn’t mean that it has to be applyed now, today or tomorrow… perhaps some day (year), if someone has time to…

Well, the only thing that I have to add is to congratilate the developers team.
Great Job

Hi xtega!

The first suggestion would be a nice addition to single window browsing, I guess (though I don’t use that mode myself). Could be another checkbox under “Show navigator” in Tracker’s preferences. The other two things are also valid ideas, though the last one isn’t something deeply integrated in the system and could be done by a 3rd party and maybe added to the image at some point.
Having multiline filenames in icon view seems like a good idea in general, not just for renaming.

Anyway, at least the first two suggestions are valid enhancements that should be put into Trac. Otherwise it’ll get lost in this thread that only few people and even fewer developers are aware of.