Some questions

I’m really glad to see that there is support for so many codecs in the cvs repository.

Are there any plans to make any of the following plugins for the new media kit:

    -AAC decoder based on FAAD2 (GPL),

    -AAC reader for reading RAW streams and ADTS and ADIF headers,

    -MP4 file format reader based on mp4v2 in MPEG4IP project (MPL),
    Can probably handle MOV files as well (it’s basically the same format).

    -FLAC decoder

    -HuffYUV decoder (GPL),

    -Writers for which formats?

    -Encoders for various codecs like MP3, AAC, Vorbis, Musepack, MPEG4 video, HuffYUV, FLAC etc.

Would it be possible to supply codecs covered by patents in source form and at installation inform the user of what he/she can/cannot do with it and then compile and install it if the user wishes that? This is for avoiding infringing patents in supplied binaries. (Hope you understand what i mean)

Does it exist any documentation on how to write plugins for the Haiku media kit?

Does streaming from Internet work in the media kit?
What about playing files while they are being downloaded to disk? I.e. file size will increase after file was opened. Will playing stop at the position which was present when the file was first opened or will playback continue with the part that has been downloaded under the meantime the file was playing?

There is also the WMA and MPE audio formats I need. :x :frowning: