Some old warez

I am reading the Lotus 1-2-3 for Linux article, where a guy found a warez copy of an old, widely thought to be lost program on a BBS-NFO search site and contacting the sysop he managed to get the files from an archive.
So i typed BeOS into the search field, and lo and behold, there is some old BeOS related program listed aswell. Somebody should contact the sysop and gt the files if they are still available.

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I couldn’t find anything using your site (probably because I’m using my tablet right now), so I used instead and only got these results:

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I downloaded these large BeOS collections at:

I use ZetaOS as my primary 32-bit system and I have been slowly organizing these different programs into one large library of BeOS software. Wish BeBits still existed so organizing would be easier to do. Some of these programs, their names do not easily denote what they do.

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Well there is a rewrite of it called BeBytes and I think they accept help in repopulating it :slight_smile:

I think it’s good that we have a haiku depot today and don’t worry about everything about haikuware and bebits. This will better support the installation standards. In addition, in most cases one can assume that the packages are running correctly (not all).

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For Haiku, yes. But it is also useful to have archives of BeOS software for retro-computing people and for historic interest.


Absolutely! Trying to find files for R5 can be a real challenge these days, especially when it comes to drivers and the link.