Some licensed photos I would be happy to donate to Haiku as wallpaper


I’m an hobby photographer and I’ve a gettyimages profile with a small portfolio of photos.

I would be happy to donate some of them as Haiku wallpapers if you think they would suit well.

My portfolio is here (for copyright reason, it’s better to start from my 500px mirror…US laws are weird…):

I think that this could eventually fit the Haiku look and feel


but I have others from my Japan trips :slight_smile:


I like these your pictures (as Haiku walpapers):
Sunset in Scardovari
Almost Nemo
Osaka Sky View


Wow. Those are very nice! I tend toward the blueberry pancakes, though… :smile:
@kallisti5 has been collecting a few backgrounds for a package. Maybe he’ll add a few of your photographs.


tnx allot :slight_smile: And, you bet, these pancakes were tasty too. I’m not that kind of food photographer that bakes fake food just for better looking. I hate to waste food :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@kallisti5 in case pls let me know in which size, format and aspect you would prefer to have the wallpapers :slight_smile: