Some Haikudepot outsourced packages need to be updated in nightlies

Taking this here rather than hang around on IRC to see if anyone notices it:

I’ve been trying Haiku on an old NUC I had hanging around; and it doesn’t see wifi networks. I can see from an old ticket that a driver update from quite some time ago needs both a intel_wifi_firmwares and wpa_supplicant update to work.

These are on Haikudepot, and there are updates available. But for a seperate reason - the SSD has died - I’m running off USB and the anyboot image has about 10MB free, so I can’t run an update.

This machine has a working NIC which is why I’m even able to update at all; but there could be cases where a machine has a supported wireless card, but cannot get online with a nightly due to the updated firmware and wpa_supplicant being on Haikudepot.

I’ll get another SSD and get this going properly to confirm the card definitely does work; but it’d be very handy to have the latest versions of these packages in nightlies.

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The nightlies are for development use only and are not expected to work for end users. Please use the beta release instead. : )


The nightlies may need an intel_wifi_firmwares update, but they shouldn’t need a wpa_supplicant update, at least. You can update just the intel_wifi_firmwares package by specifying it as an argument to pkgman update.

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What Nephele said. But there is a web interface to HaikuDepot. You can even download on another computer and transfer the hpkg to /boot/system/packages/ via sneakernet.

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I am in the contributor list… there’s various reasons I want to use a nightly not B4

I’m picking up a replacement SSD in a few hours so this will be installed to something with enough space to fully update and the issue will go away - I just think its useful enough to actually fix. There are multiple times end-users are told to try a nightly here anyway.

for testing maybe. But what you request is something we do for new releases only, as updating the shipped packages requires intensive testing to make sure everything works…. hence my comment about it beeing a nightly.

Updating the packages is not too much of a burden. Currently you could install it onto a second drive to get around the small partition size of the nightly medium (which is the real problem here). The BeFS resizing patches are supposed to fix that, but they are kind of drifting away in gerrit at the moment.

Nothing else is intensively tested in a nightly, though - that’s the point of them existing.

Until such point as end-users are never pointed towards nightlies - which is unlikely to happen any time soon - surely nightlies should have the updates that will be pushed immediately to them on first running Haikudepot?

That seems a bit wrong… If it requires a lot of intensive testing, we should do it long before releases and give it a lot of testign in nightlies before we ship it to everyone.

The real problem is that the process is very manual, requires access to Haiku infrastructure that not every developer has, and is not very well documented.

It used to be just as easy as updating a file locally and running jam @upload-packages, but that isn’t working anymore, as there were major changes to the infrastructure and the way the repositories are hosted a few years ago. And it was never re-introduced. So now you have to ask the 2 or 3 people who have the permissions to do so.

Other than that, there is nothing particularly complicated about it, and telling other developers to “just us a beta” is not the right answer here.

Let’s update the package and maybe also bump the size of the anyboot image so it can be updated?

I think for the usecase of „it works out of the box“ It is valid to tell people to use a beta. Regardless of developer status. And this is a user forum primarily, So I will answer in that context.

We don‘t really ask anyone to test the nightlies intensively other than before a release though. How would you handle this instead?

In any case, this may be a good time to update regardless as beta5 is still not released : /

I think several of the devs and quite a few of the powerusers do run the nightlies. That’s how a lot of things get caught before releases, and that’s why we have nightlies.

To od so, you have to accept the risk, and decide how you will plan things (be ready for things to break, make backups of your data, or use a secondary computer or partition with a separate install for testing, etc). But there are people around here who are aware of this, and are happy to accept the risks because it allows to find (and then fix) problems.

Anyway, it’s more a matter of knowing the “usual suspects”, some of whom are not very active on the forum so you may not have met all of them yet. I think Cian definitely is in the “know what they are doing when they decide to run a nightly build” group, but you probably couldn’t know that :slight_smile:


Changing my username about a decade ago probably hasn’t helped with name recognition!

This is maybe my sixth machine after my x64 laptop, my Macbook, and my fleet of old BeOS boxes (x86, x86 laptop, PPC) and I specifically want to poke at some stuff that’s post-beta 4.

The SSD is ready for collection - one of the big memory and storage online retailers happens to be based five minutes down the road from me and allows pickups - so I’ll probably be on wifi on it within an hour anyway.

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SSD wasn’t failed, BIOS had decided to… do something. Replaced it, couldn’t see it in Haiku, could see it in the dmesg in Linux but couldn’t actually access it - exactly the same as the original, so I put that back in

Turned off the SATA controller and turned it back on again and it started working and booted a Haiku nightly from 2022 and the wifi is working with the older drivers/firmware/wpa_supplicant from it; I’ll let it update to latest via Haikudepot.

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I was gonna say, how long have you been here hacking on BeOS, Zeta and Haiku? A long damn time! “You should stick to beta”, :rofl: :rofl: