Some apps I managed to port

Hello. I started this thread to share some of the apps that I ported to Haiku. I’m not really a developer, but with a little luck and lot of help, I get some apps (Qt mainly) working in Haiku.

This apps are shared at Clasqm repo. I want to publicly thanks to Michel for help me creating the HPKGs and sharing it.

There is one of the last adition, working in both x86 and x86_64 flavours :

Schism Tracker:

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Thanks for your efforts to port apps to Haiku, this is more great news! Can you please list the apps with a short description of the functionality? It’s nice to have Qt apps ported.

Schism Tracker isn’t on the repo yet, but will be in the next upload. meanwhile un_spacyar’s other port, SQLiteBrowser is now available.

I’m getting some reports of instability. Strange it works on my system. I’ll take another look at the dependencies tonight.

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SchismTracker is now available on both the gcc2 and x86_64 repos. That’s the only new app this week, though there are a few updates.

It’s an SDL app, rather than QT, BTW. Description at

SchismTracker is already available at Haikuports, courtesy of Michael Oliveira and Pulkomandy:

There’s a recipe, and I think that is great. I look forward to it. When it comes out as a HPKG I will delete the one on my repo. But that is not the same as “being available”. You can’t expect the average user to install haikuporter and compile their own. That recipe could just be a placeholder, to be completed when someone finds the time. We have no idea how far in the pipeline that might be.

Sure a hpkg is good. I wanted to point how possible it is that a newly ported app was actually already ported to Haiku.
Just imagine: Someone possibly made the (hard?) work, upstreamed a patch for Haiku. Then someone else tries to make a build, which then just works, publishes a package and claims to have ported the app.
Is it the case here for schismtracker? I dunno. I’m just giving the information of a preexisting effort to port the app, which would otherwise goes wasted.
BTW please don’t forget to publish the source package with patches, schismtracker is a GPL app. Thanks!

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Oh I forgot: sqlitebrowser is also since end December available at Haikuports. The recipe was done by a gci student Tudor Nazarie. This is a QT4 app.

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Korli: thanks for point me about the existing recipes. Sincerelly, I don’t know how to create thats recipes, but I will try learn it.

About the apps I send to Clasqm, there are just “quick and dirty” ports, thinked as a provisional solution until there are the “official” ports from Haikuports, and I’m very aware that the really effort (and the useful one, in the long term) is to include the app inside the Haikuports infrastructure.

Thank you!

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