[SOLVED] Zstd.h missing - WebPositive

Hey there, I was trying to build WebPositive and upon build it has issues with Zstd and the algorithm more specificly the zstd.h is missing according to the error. Any ideas? I am new to this so I am not sure.

Install the libzstd_devel package if you’re building on Haiku.

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Thank you got it working now

related to this, you can install zstd_devel using pkgman, but it doesn’t show up for me in HaikuDepot. Is that expected?

To see development packages in HaikuDepot you need to enable them using a menu item in the settings. Apparently a recurring problem for HaikuDepot users, maybe we should do something about it…

Thanks! I feel silly now, but maybe that could be the default if it doesn’t add that many packages to the overall list?

Every library has an accompanying devel package, so that about doubles the number of packages.

Personally I would show them by default but in a separate category or maybe merge them with the corresponding main package so you have options for a library to “Install” or “Install with header files” or something like that.

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In my case I searched explicitly for ‘zstd_devel’ and it would’ve been cool to have the UI say “you have some filtered search results” - or even a super generic “some results may be filtered” whenever you do a search with any of the Show menu options disabled.

Having them in a separate category makes sense too.

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The simplest solution would be to always show a result if it’s an exact match,even if some filters are enabled.
Search for zstd and it does not show zstd_devel
Search for zstd_devel and it does show it.

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Then users will complain “I have installed zstd”. Also where should they know the _devel postfix?
Why not a checkbox: “show devel packages”?
Or 2 button to the main package: “Install runtime (recommended)” and “Install development files”?