[solved] Webkit 1.99 upgrade causes webpositive to crash

After webkit upgrade to 1.99, webpositive crashes…no website opens…

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Please open a ticket and attach the debug report to it.

Nightly snapshot?

Update: Also, clean out Web+ cache directory.

On Haiku R1B4 (56578+93), try: ‘pkgman full-sync’

Nightly snapshot…upgraded from terminal via pkgman full-sync command…

Cannot raise a ticket since webpositive crashes…on another computer, i cannot get a crash report to attach…hence keeping quiet

Try downloading Epiphany or Otter.

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I have just tried Web+ with the latest updates and two different Thinkpads (T430 and T61P), and it’s working fine.

Or copy the report to that other computer. Or boot to a previous working state.

Are you aware your message just says “the new version crashes for me”? It’s difficult to do anything about it with that info.

Nightly builds are permitted to break also.

Crashing here too on R1B4 (64bit) latest update after running “pkgman update”.
Issue created at: Latest haikuwebkit crashes Web+ · Issue #9831 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub


I have pushed a fix to haikuwebkit git repository (it was a missing NULL check).


I upgraded today from hrev…34 to hrev…39. Webpositive still crashes…whatever patch you uploaded did not get synced for me via pkgmzn full-sync command…webkit 1.99 patch that you mentioned here did not install with today’s update

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I pushed it only to HaikuWebKit repository. Now it has to be packaged in HaikuDepot as well.


Thanks Begasus ,

Me just quietly had downgraded immediately as I experienced,
and kept on doing it until now :wink:

I did not see any update to webkit…during update…but the problem with webpositive crashing is resolved

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Well, I had not checked well :

you had opened the ticket on github. Due to later posts … I thought the available

is the fixed one. So I let to update now, but crashed again - so I will open a ticket about it. I re-installed


and now I’m opening the ticket .


#18709](/ticket/18709) new bug

Latest avaialble package - haikuwebkit-1.9.9-1-x86_64.hpkg - cause crash of Webpositive

Done –

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Fixed package is: haikuwebkit-1.9.10 -x86_64.hpkg

This is based on WebKit 618.1.7 (current, 20231208)

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It is worth noticing that that package is not yet available on the repos, as the buildmasters are still compiling it (it takes several hours).


  1. pkgman update haikuwebkit
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