[Solved] Viewing our doxygen formatted docs online

Is there a way to view the documentation at app « user « docs - haiku - Haiku's main repository nicely formatted with some online viewer? Or can we host generated pages similar to The Haiku Book: Welcome to the Haiku Book ?

Yes, even with a dark mode ; )


EDIT: It’s the same link, basically, that you posted, so I am a bit confused where your confusion lies?

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I’m lookgin especiall for the page _launch_intro.dox « app « user « docs - haiku - Haiku's main repository
It can’t find it in the Haiku Book.

hmm indeed, i don’t find it either. perhaps it is not generated? I don’t know enough about doxygen to answer that. (maybe @pulkomandy knows?

Select “Related Pages” in the Haiku Book. Its there.


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This page is missing a \ingroup tag to put it into some parent group. That would allow to attach it to one of the kits or to the “special topics” group so it is shown in the table of contents.

Without that, it is only available from the page index as linked above.

Thanks, that’s indeed it. The search function of the Haiku Book was also a disappointment BTW. :slight_smile: