[solved] Upgrade to hrev55457....only blue screen with hand in middle

Cant get to desk top / terminal…how to revert back to earlier package?

See last item of Troubleshooting section of Userguide’s Boot Loader topic.

use ctrl+alt+del
then choose restart Desktop

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It feezes before the 4th boot icon for me - I reverted to hrev55449 which works for me. Did so via holding “spacebar” on boot and loading an earlier snapshot, then upon boot forcing haiku repo to 55449 via command line for now…

Thanks…followed your suggestion…got the desktop…upgraded to hrev…459…after upgrade, rebooted…now also, only blue screen with hand in middle…again I have to press control+alt+delete to get to desktop


This bug is fixed by waddlesplash today.
Update tomorrow to hrev.: 55460


Done3…thanks…all ok