[Solved] Updating Beta4 to nightlys

I searched on updating from Beta 4 to nightlys without losing all the installed software and settings. It came up with some advice from 2013 regarding Alpha versions which i suspect may be a bit out of date and/or inaccurate. Thus is it possible to use my newly created 64 bit nightly USB install stick to update my Beta 4 install on real hardware without doing a clean install wiping out everything? It boots and runs fine from the USB stick. I’m running 64 bit Beta 4 on a home built Core I5 machine, SSD, and Gigabyte mobo if that helps. Thanks!


Yes. You only need to change the repositories URL from Beta to Nightly:

Updating and downgrading your system | Haiku Project (haiku-os.org)

Open a Terminal window and add the following repo:

pkgman add https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haiku/master/$(getarch)/current


Thanks un_spacyar. I stumbled on that very link seconds ago and was about to post “nevermind”.

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I just wrote this if you want to switch quickly to a specific build, current (nighties) or stable version. It’s just a bash script that makes the same thing as the explanation above.

Note that in my case I had bad issues on zsh with anything more recent than r1~beta4_hrev57573 which was the whole reason I wrote this script to make going back and forth a bit easier.


What all is different in nightly? I hear youtube playback with Falkon is much better.

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Nightlies are for testing. Things may break ( will break ) from one day to other. If you need some stability, go with Beta4.

With Nightlies, you need to be ready for debugging and fixing/relating about bugs.

This isn’t nightly related, running R1B4 here and Falkon runs/plays youtube just fine. :slight_smile:

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Well, i still had issues, but maybe thats just my old core 2 duo laptop, lol.

Latest update on qt5webengine solved most (not all) things with Falkon, maybe you checked prior to that. :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind there is a regression with Qt5Webengine. QtWebengine: regression with qtwebengine_bin-5.15.16-4-x86_64.hpkg · Issue #9983 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub


Yeah, read that, so far I haven’t experienced it (but I’m not that big of a youtuber also) :rofl:

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Damn. I wish I’d read that a few months ago. I did it the hard way. :blush:

Wrote some thing on my wiki for updating/switching some time ago, maybe I could add this information there (mainly for myself) :slight_smile:

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