[Solved] Suggest a PCIe based wi-fi card, working on Haiku

Pl. Suggest a PCIe wi-fi card which works on Haiku, also it should be able to connect to Android mobile hot spot
Is Atheros based ones suited better for Haiku?

you may want to browse reports collected here Computers compatible with Haiku (current version)

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No specific mention of PCIe wi-fi cards here…only pc laptop

First of all you should check the pci-ex chipset.
As you can read here the freebsd 12 supported chipsets are compatible with Haiku.

I don’t really understand, the screenshoot on your link use the name of 3945 wifi but my card is not recognised by the last update of Haiku systeme. Here is Intel pro 3945agb

Most laptop Wi-Fi cards are, in fact, PCI-e, be it using the mini PIC express or the m.2 slot. There are even a lot of adapters to use them in Desktop PCs. As long as the card is based on a supported chip, it should work. I’ve used Haiku on a notebook with an Atheros-based wireless card without issues, but YMMV.

Mine is a Mini PCI-Express…Don’t work here on Haiku

in the link of the webpage in link above they said…

Currently only PCI, PCI-X, PCI-Express, Mini PCI, and Mini PCI-Express devices are expected to work.

PCMCIA, CardBus, ExpressCard, USB and ISA devices still need more work to become functional.

So that must be working, but I don’t find a way.

Maybe your card’s PCI ID isn’t listed in the drivers? This could be the case as Intel sometimes makes separate “locked” versions of their wifi cards that should only work on a specific laptop brand.

I will put theses pictures of my wireless card, maybe can help me and developpers by the same way.

20200616_002123 20200616_002858 20200616_002906

This is the Wifi card of the laptop here, Windows recognize it as an Intel, but I view the name here as Anatel on it too. 3945agb is write on it near the cables and Intel Serial Number too.

ANATEL is the brazilian telecom regulatory authority, it just means it is verified to work in Brazil. Btw I have an HP DV6000 with the exact same card, a nightly build (older than Beta2 by a week or less) recognizes it and it works, so it’s probably just a missing PCI ID in the drivers. That being said, don’t bother. At least in my PC it drops the connection all the time, besides it is only wireless G (and A, which is mostly useless). If I were you I’d just replace it with a second hand N-capable mini PCI-e card based on an Atheros or Realtek chip, as these are very cheap and plentiful.

Please, I forgot to mention here that mine is a desktop PC. In my all other posts, I had mentioned…
Gigabyte GA-G41m-combo-rev.2 mother board, Pentium Dual Core 3GHz, 1GB RAM
The link generally specifies the bus, but not specifically the PCIe based wi-fi cards

For PCI I know the AR5416 chipset (Wireless N) works fine, for PCI-e I’d give the same advice: something Atheros-based.

Thank you…I will look for this in the market…hope it is freely available…
Is the atheros 9k based also compatible with Haiku?

device Network controller [2|80|0]
vendor 8086: Intel Corporation
device 088f: Centrino Advanced-N 6235

M.2 and miniPCI-E , 2.4/5.0 - work fine!

Hi, thanks about your clarification about theses drivers. Is there a way to compile the drivers from the Haiku R1 above Beta2 on the new build of Haiku and make it compatible? Or just take binary?

Here is a x86 system.

Is there Link to archives somewhere?

Currently the beta and nightly builds have exactly the same drivers. Otherwise, yes, it should be possible to copy and paste drivers between versions in most cases.

Tested that computer with Beta2 and it works out of the box, so you card is probably a variant which doesn’t have its ID included in the driver. Possible to add to the source code, but still VERY unstable, and probably not Haiku’s fault, since from what I can gather, it is also unstable in FreeBSD which is where Haiku’s wifi drivers come from.