[SOLVED] Software update:93 packages to update, after 70 packages, it said failed to update SED

After the failure, I asked it to update again…It started all over from the beginning…waste of data / bandwidth…Cant it continue from where it said failed?
It is downloading user manual in 23 languages…For me, English is sufficient…How to block the download for other languages?

Uninstall them, It should already resume instead of completely redo downloads, but that is only on the nightly branch for nkw.

Language packages should be optional, i does not like all this never needed packages too.


At the second attempt, all the packages installed.
But, if there is an interruption, it should resume from the point where it was interrupted…this is the norm…else, data / time are wasted…
So, lelldorin, then we cannot remove unnecessary language packs?

I do this all the time by hand, thed does not needed. Things like userguide and welcome site. Make free disc space.

How to do it manually? Via terminal? Commands for this?
In the Haikudepot, I could not find the language packs to remove


This is implemented since early 2021 and it’s working now in nightly builds. It will be one of the new features in R1beta3.


A useful improvement. I must say that recently I have had very few problems with updates.

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Pkgman search guide
Pkgman uninstall

Or just navigate into system/packages and delete the not needed ones.

Maybe you could read the user guide before removing it.

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Thanks…Will do
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