(solved)New install or repair existing?

Hi! A quick question. I am installed on bare metal, and know that Haiku has some weirdness regarding installs and the live iso/usb. As in it boots directly to my installed system when using a thumb drive to boot.

So, is this then a job for a nuke and pave, or should I just be able to cleanly write the image to usb and do a new install?

It shouldn’t do that. However: the usb only boots to the installer on the first boot, on the second boot it picks the desktop mode automatically, maybe that is what you see?

There is no functional difference berween the installer usb and an installed system.

What are you trying to do? I’m confused.

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I am just attempting to figure out how this works, and install cleanly. I guess I’m not used to how Haiku does this, with the whole first boot then subsequent boots to desktop mode. My Haiku system is up, and on the installed version. I know I can run the installer, but when it’s time to create a partition, I wouldn’t be able to install, as the partitions are active. I guess I’m not entirely accustomed to how it works here.

You need to start drivesetup for partitioning.
The installer basically just copies the running system.
I think mainly the second boot goes to desktop because of this copying way… would be nice if we change this, it’s confusing to me aswell

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I decided to boot to a linux boot disc, ran gparted, and installed cleanly.

Yeah, the only thing keeping me from installing to my “main drive”, from the USB is the fact I only have a PCIe NVMe SSD on my systems and… unless Haiku has improved things in that regard, there is no way to TRIM the drive in Haiku, is there?

Of course, the fact that if I want to run Windows 11, I have to keep switching Secure Boot back on, gets to be another headache to deal with, because I’m pretty sure Windows 11 will protest/break horribly, if Secure Boot is left Off. No? :thinking:


I’m lucky in that I already have a separate laptop available for such a project, a totally dead and irreplaceable battery so it works for my particular situation. Good advice on the SSD thing, as I was thinking about it, but now I will not.

If i’m not mistaking @waddlesplash fixed it already?.

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I think there is (cautionary) support in the nightlies.



It was fixed, you can use the fstrim command. No integration in the UI yet (we could add it in DriveSetup).