Solved my boot problems (mostly)

Hello, new to Haiku and new to the forums.

I tried to install Haiku on a new partition on an old IBM thinkpad (T30) and first met with moderate success booting from my installation… I finally wiped the HD and created a single partition and installed Haiku on according to the well written Installation Instructions.

However the system still failed to boot, and I couldn’t figure out why since it started fine from the CD. My only greeting when starting up was “unable to find boot volume” or something like it…

Then I remembered the note about Haiku not creating any Master Boot Record at all. So I then proceeded to boot from the CD and pressed Spacebar during the boot and selected the HD instead of the CD and continued booting.
After that successfully booted my HD installation I then launched a terminal and started ‘bootman’ and created a Haiku MBR and I can now boot without a CD! (yay for me)

However… I still get a boot dialog at startup prompting me to select the only available bootable partition. Is there any way to modify the bootman MBR so it auto-boots my system, without the prompt? I guess I could look into GRUB but it requires it’s own partition right?

OS looks very nice, looking forward to play around more with it during the week-end.



I believe you could also use a simple chainloading bootloader like the one from DOS/Windows 9x.

If you happen to have a DOS disk around, you should be able to run fdisk /mbr to install the dos master boot record, which automatically chainloads the first “active” partition.

I’m not sure if Haiku has a simple chainloading stage 1 bootloader any more, besides bootman.